Schedules for September 14th – November 6th

This first week of school has been incredible!  Thank you for your support, patience and encouragement.  It feels great to see all of our students back on line with us.

Below are the links for the schedules for grades KDG – 5th that will begin Monday, September 14th.   PreK teachers will continue to ease our youngest learners into their new setting and have already shared the schedule they will be using.

The schedules below include live instruction times as well as movement breaks, specials, and independent work time. During the next week, teachers are continuing to get to know your students as readers and mathematicians in order to form the most supportive small groups.  Therefore, your student’s exact small group is not able to be shared until Friday, 9/11.  As always, teachers will continue to be in communication regularly with Weeks at a Glance and the final small group times.  

As a reminder, Wednesdays are a day for asynchronous learning.  Students should log in at 8:30 am for morning meeting, then 9:00 am Wellness Wednesday to get them started for the day.  The remainder of the day is then dedicated to independent learning and asynchronous activities (no live instruction).


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade