See Ms. Ryden’s Washington Post Story About Teaching Peace in Today’s Schools

Please take a moment to read Ms. Ryden’s March 9 story: “My students call me the ‘peace teacher.’ My job has never felt more important.”

Ms Ryden writes, “…social emotional skills — which over time allow us to make good decisions and maintain healthy relationships — are important for all of us, and especially critical to teach our kids as they grow up in these times of school massacres and active shooter drills.

As the full-time peace teacher at Lafayette Elementary School in Washington, D.C., instructing more than 500 kids every week, I see a big part of my role as triage. I do my best to look out for the lonely, angry ones, the ones who always seem to be on their own, the ones who aren’t connecting with the other kids. I don’t know anything about their reading or math skills. There are other wonderful teachers to take care of that. All I’m concerned with is their hearts and happiness. I’m lucky my school values this kind of learning enough to employ me so I can work with these kids every day.”

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