See the Proposed HSA Budget

Only a few short days until Spring Break where we can all slow down a bit and share time with family & friends.  Before we head off for a week, we want to thank those who joined us for the HSA General Meeting held on Thursday, April 6th.  The attached proposed budget was discussed at the meeting. This is a line by line listing of all projected revenue and expenses for SY 2017-2018.  A few things to keep in mind as you read through the budget:

  • The HSA runs a Balanced Budget – all of the incoming money is offset by the expense lines, resulting in a Net Zero Budget.  
  • Earlier in the school year, the HSA sent out a parent survey and in response to your feedback, we have added two line items: Choir & STEM (more details about these to follow in the next few months)
  • The attached spreadsheet has 3 tabs for your review – please comb through them – the first gives the Proposed Budget, the second provides details and definitions of the budget line items, the third is a detailed list of our Extra Curricular programs
  • Reminder – this is a Proposed Budget and will require a vote by the HSA General Membership  on Thursday, May 4th at 7pm – please plan to join us.   During this meeting we will also hold the election for the HSA Board Members for SY 2017-2018

Please take a some time over the next few weeks to review the budget.  As always, please reach out to us with any questions or if we can provide any additional information.

We appreciate your amazing and continued support of the HSA and Lafayette.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!
Chris & Shannon