Share Your Tips with Other Parents!

We know how challenging this moment is for all of us as we navigate work, school and staying safe. We also know that the Lafayette community is filled with resilient and ingenious people who are finding a way through and we would love to hear how you are doing it.

The Lafayette HSA is calling on you to share your lived wisdom, tips and hacks with our parenting community that are helping you and your kids. None of us have all of the answers but if you have something, no matter how small, that helps your family have fun, learn, work or stay sane these days, please share – sincere or silly! Chances are it can help someone else who’s struggling to find a different approach or can at least enjoy some distraction. Please add tips to this form and if you have more than one tip, please click the link anew to add each one individually.

And…  ask your kids if they have tips. We’re collecting tips from students too. Click here to submit ideas on the kid’s form

Help us both make the best of this moment in history, and document it for a future time, when we’ll look back and wonder if there ever was a time before drive-by birthday parties existed. We’ll plan to share these tips within our community once we see what we’ve collected.