She Reigns, Girls Of Color Group

Just in case you didn’t know, WE have a powerful, impactful, and critical affinity group for our girls of color in grades 3rd-5th here at Lafayette. By girls of color, we mean any girl who identifies racially as “non white”, brown/black, indigenous, or is of mixed racial descent. She Reigns, girls of color group has been powered by myself Rashida Mosby, school counselor, and several other magical women on staff here, since 2017. 
The unique position of our girls of color as the “magnified minority” in a majority white setting, was the primary passion behind the launch of our program here at Lafayette.  We’ve met and interviewed women of color leaders in science and literature and met “firsts” in major accomplishments, explored our own personal family history and stories, visited Women in the Arts museum and other spaces celebrating female accomplishments, connected around beautiful similarities and differences, performed for the chancellor’s office, delivered a powerful original play for our school community, and MORE!
When we transitioned to distance learning during the pandemic, our passion and purpose continued. We put together letters for healthcare workers, discussed and engaged in self-care practices most relevant to our collective and individual cultures and kept the learning and celebration of our cultural practices, achievements, and contributions going strong! 

This year WE are BACK in full swing for our in-person sessions. We meet every Day 1 during FLEX time, 2:40-3:10 in the Peace Room. Personal invitations have been shared with our girls of color and permission slips have gone home. If you HAVE NOT received notification, and would like your girl of color to participate, please send an email to . I am happy to answer any questions, so please, don’t hesitate to reach out.