Spark Club Learns About Food Deserts in DC

Lafayette’s social justice club SPARK (Students Planning a Revolution of Kindness) is hosting its second special learning event. Next Monday 1/11 at 12:30 we’ll be hearing from the founders of To Be Well Fed. TBWF is a non-profit started by DCPS parents, Dave and Alicia Kyvyra, to help provide food for students facing food insecurity. We’ll be learning about food deserts, the relationship between hunger and systemic racism and how we can help to make sure that all children in our city are well-fed. Learn more about To Be Well Fed.
Are you or is someone you know involved in social justice work? SPARKlers would love to hear from you! Please let me know if you would like to talk with our group about your work and how we can help.  
Wishing you all a peaceful 2021. – Linda Ryden