Special Subjects Learning Fun Continues!

Has your child visited the special subjects teams? Have they been asking when they have art or Spanish class? As we’re navigating this world of online learning, your special subjects teachers are here to help and support your family! 
The special subjects teachers have been working hard to bring each class to online learning in various ways: creating opportunities for students to work on Images from home, conducting read alouds, working on rhythms in music, practicing expressing emotions in Spanish, and working on getting 60 minutes of physical activity each day! Also, check with your student’s teacher to find out when their weekly peace class meets.
If your child hasn’t mentioned any activities from their special subjects teachers, we can help! Check out the video below to learn how to find the PE team. All of the special subjects have their own team, and just as your child would travel to that specific learning area, they can come to these teams for all they need to know about peace, art, library, music, Spanish, and PE!  Remember, we’re here to help create a stress-free, at-home learning experience for everyone! 

7 April, 2020 – How to find PE Assignments.mp4