Spring Break and Distance Learning

Dear Lafayette Families –

Welcome to the next chapter in our adventure together – distance learning.  Today, our entire staff spent the day learning, planning, and creating meaningful experiences for our children.   It was amazing to watch our staff learn how to operate in a brand new way.  The collaboration, teamwork, and spirit of teachers and staff is truly special. 

So what comes next you ask?  Should my kids be doing math?  Did I miss the new Words Their Way Sort????  Read on to find out all the details we need to know for the next few days!

Tuesday, March 17 – Monday 23Spring Break!!!!

Enjoy one another, enjoy outside, and stay safe.  We always encourage kiddos to read and use ST Math, but no work is officially assigned.

Friday, March 20th – Teachers will share their office hours, expectations for students, and what distance learning will look like for your grade level.  Links will be provided to the online learning packets, the Microsoft Teams platform, and anything else you may need.

Tuesday, March 24thDistance learning begins!

We will continue to push out more information, provide support, and share resources as we get closer to this date. Here’s what it means broadly:

  • We will use Microsoft Teams to create interactions between students/teachers.
  • We are working on ways to continue to create community with kids, families, and classes
  • There will be a combination of videos to watch, live sessions with teachers, and assignments online. This will vary by grade level.


To help prepare for next week you can download the Microsoft Teams app to your home device using this link.  

If you need WIFI access, Comcast is offering 2 free months:  https://www.internetessentials.com/?fbclid=IwAR2kWySAurT-9uP6x753Hd5Z-oQVLTqf-aPy-r2luj4NGIPW4WETspRkpiw.


We have distributed laptops to students who don’t have any computer access in the household. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have enough resources to give laptops to households that already have at least one computer.  If you feel you need assistance, you can email me directly and and we can talk about the options.

Here are some other ideas for you and your kiddos for the next several days:

    • Mo Willems (Pigeon books and Elephant and Piggie among others) and the Kennedy Center is hosting a virtual “Lunch Doodles” at 1pm each day
    • The Cincinnati Zoo is doing a Facebook live thing each day (not sure if weekdays only or not) to highlight a different animal each day and will include an activity at the end
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • Smithsonian Learning Lab
    • Schedules, Activities, and More

Our only other teacher hint – create a schedule and adhere to it!!!!!  Everyone, kids and grown ups, are more successful when we know what to expect, have a routine, and know the boundaries.  Set up a schedule to help reduce struggles over screen time, boredom battles, and aimless snacking (kids can mow through lots of food!!!!).  There are many examples online and we can share some as well.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support.  We are in unprecedented times and I am always proud of us as a community.  Thank you for allowing us this time to think about how best to support our students’ learning as well as our sense of community.  I will be in touch often and share updated information as it becomes available.


Please take good care and enjoy one another,

Dr. B