Spring reading challenge winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s spring reading challenge!  As a school, we logged 51,686 minutes between April 12 and May 2.  A special shout-out is due to the third grade, who collectively logged 35,698 of those minutes!

With an effort like that, it’s no surprise that our grand winner and our runners-up were all third grade classes!

First place, reading a total of 9,683 minutes (461 minutes per student), is Ms. Skubel’s class!
Second place, reading 8,143 minutes (387 minutes/student), is Ms. White and Ms. Lindsley’s class!
Third place, reading 8,163 minutes (355 minutes/student), is Ms. Culver’s class!

Shout outs are due to other classes who showed up and read a lot of minutes: Ms. Barry’s (2,426), Ms. Dodson’s (2,624), Ms. Cobb’s (6,674), Ms. Cassidy’s (2,025), Ms. Denson’s (2,067) and Ms. Su’s (2,325).  Also, good work Ms. Abraham’s class, which read the most in the Pre-K to 1st grade band!

Reading everyday is good for your brain, and it’s also a great way to amuse yourself.  We hope that you keep reading in the months ahead, and we can’t wait to see who wins next year!