Summer reading, fun activities and useful resources

Special for this coming summer, Lafayette teachers have put together a collection of fun learning activities your student could do while school is out!  You’ll find Peace videos from Ms. Ryden, art activities from Ms. Perll and Ms. McLaughlin, Spanish lessons from Ms. Rincon and Mr. Foley, recipes from FoodPrints, and other neat things!  These activities are not assignments!  They are meant to provide enrichment for your family during a summer that might be quieter than you had planned.

The summer activities folder is also this year’s home to the Lafayette Summer Reading List.  The reading list is compiled by the Literacy Committee every year, and it’s filled with great books!  This year, there are no required books.  The list is meant as a starting place, not a to-do list.  Your student should aim to spend 20 minutes every day this summer reading books that they enjoy.  Graphic novels, magazines, listening to audiobooks, reading with family members, and regular books are all literacy experiences that can be beneficial to your student’s reading ability, and they can be great sources of joy!  We are encouraging all students to keep a list of the best books that they read this summer.  Why did they enjoy them?  These lists can be shared with their new classmates next year!

The public libraries will probably be closed for a while still, meaning our main source of free books will be ebooks.  Ms. Leese has created a Summer Reading Resources Powerpoint that provides links and information about many of your options for finding ebooks and audiobooks this summer.  If you don’t already have library cards with DC and Montgomery County Public Libraries, you’ll want to put that towards the top of your to-do list.  They’re free!

All of these documents can be found in our Summer Activities folder, which is located on the Lafayette Tech page and on the Online Learning page.