Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt This Summer!

Calling on all Lafayette Families!

Ms. Howes and Ms. McClure are putting together some outdoor scavenger hunts for the summer. One of them is going to be a Teddy Bear Hunt.  In order for this to work we are asking Lafayette families to put a Teddy Bear in a window in the front of their house.

It can be any Teddy Bear. Stuffed, drawn, photo, decal, handmade etc…  You get the idea. Feel free to make them unique.  Add your own special touch.  Who knows, maybe your Teddy Bear will be the talk of the neighborhood! Once the stay home restrictions ease up, we are hoping this will give kids another opportunity to get outside and move, while still being able to practice social distancing.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. McClure at