Term 4 Critical Announcements

Dear Lafayette Families –

As we approach Spring Break and the start of Term 4, I’m writing to share several very important announcements.

Monday, 4/19, will be an asynchronous day for students in Grades 1 – 5; there will be no in person instruction.

This decision will allow teachers the time they need to collapse their cohorts, set up classrooms prepare for the arrival of over 700 students in person. It also allows us to support the social emotional needs of students as we transition some students back into in person learning for the first time, as well as transition students if there is a change in their homeroom teacher.  We appreciate your support and understanding of this decision to make the safest and best possible start to Term 4.

Here is additional information about Monday, 4/19:

  • Students in Grades 1 – 5 will have virtual morning meeting with their Term 3 class
  • Any students who are moving to a new homeroom (IPL or Virtual) will meet with their new teacher 1:1 virtually. Teachers will send out an email to schedule these visits for Monday.
  • Parent Huddle for all in person families – 6:30 pm. We will be discussing arrival/dismissal procedures and any final questions.  Meeting link here.
  • Students in PreK and KDG new to IPL –please see the email from your teacher for your transition day schedule


Spring Break Travel Reminders

If a student travels outside of the DMV over Spring Break:


  • Students must quarantine for 10days upon their return OR provide a negative COVID test (rapid or PCR) that was completed at least 72 hours after return to DC


  • Students in PK- 5th grade who travel over spring break, will be provided asynchronous work during their quarantine period.  They will not have live virtual instruction available to them; in Term 4 we no longer have hybrid virtual/in person homeroom settings


Information Coming to You Over Spring Break

  • Final Class Lists for both in person learning and virtual homerooms
  • Arrival/Dismissal locations and information
  • Updated plan for in person lunch
  • Classroom schedule (from teachers)


 I apologize for the late notice in making Monday, 4/19 asynchronous with no in person learning. This is a decision I’ve been weighing heavily all week.  In considering the needs of all of our stakeholders, this is the decision that is best for the transition of our students and teachers. 

As a parent, I know that this means asking our families to make yet another “pivot” in childcare planning.  I’m sorry to be sharing yet another “pivot” (that word is really annoying at this point).  I appreciate your partnership and support in both a professional way as your principal, as well as personally as a parent.

With love, appreciation, and wishes for a safe and restful Spring Break for all,

Dr. B