Thanks to all who made Arts Night – Grades 2&3 a success!

Grades 2&3 celebrated their creativity this past Tuesday and 4&5 are on tap this Thursday! Who made this possible? Who checked off, matted art, typed labels, rolled tape, and assembled photo props? A huge thanks to Jessica Jones, Jessica Lettween, Jessica Randazzo, Janice Wilding, Sara Lindstrom & Amee Garg for their able assistance prepping the art, and Madhura Bhat, Julia Scapino, and Andrea Perll for typing and printing labels! And, an ongoing thanks to Curtis family Grandmother Grace Clark for coming in as needed every week and saying, “How can I help?”… an art teacher’s happiest words! I am so grateful to you all!

Parents of 4th and 5th graders- look for fun photo props and clay structures that should be taken home at the end of the final arts night this Thursday evening!