The Last Tuesday Bulletin of the Year: Editor’s Note

Today’s email marks the last of the 2019-20 Tuesday (and occasionally Covid Wednesdays- sorry about that) Bulletins until school starts up again in the fall. Putting these newsletters together is a labor of love and sometimes a test of technological patience. It is also a wonderful way to significantly contribute to the school from the comfort of your desk–socially distant approved volunteering!

Which is all to say, if you are interested in joining the TB or HSA communications team, please give us a shout at . We will need some help over the summer, particularly in August as we get the website ready for the next school year. 

Please give a massive shout out to our 2019-20 TB editors who helped keep us all informed throughout this tumultuous year. 

  • Darby Pearson
  • Amy McKee
  • Anne Kingery-Schwartz
  • Emma Boerum
  • Nancy Cook

Additionally, a huge thank you to Ms. Leese who took the website by the reins this spring and helped connect us all with school resources amid the chaos. 

-Sophie Hanrahan, outgoing HSA communications chair