Wondering how to get the most out of the Fall Festival this year? Here are the top 10 ways to ace the festivities:

[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54101″ radius=”50″ title=”1. Volunteer”]1. Sign up for a volunteer shift and be a vital part of making this parent-led event magical.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54105″ radius=”50″ title=”2. Gather Your Books and Toys”]2. Gather your books and toys to donate for the book sale and toy sale.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54099″ radius=”50″ title=”3. Get Your Recipes Ready”]3. Get your recipes and aprons ready for the Fall Festival Pie Contest. Or, sign up to contribute baked goods to the bake sale – homemade or store-bought goods are both welcome.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54098″ radius=”50″ title=”4. Get Your Cameras Ready”]4. Get your cameras ready for the celebrity pie-tasting panel.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54122″ radius=”50″ title=”5. Buy Mums, Pumpkins and More” caption_url=””]5. Buy our beautiful Fall Festival decor to take home with you! Purchase your mums, pumpkins, hay bales and corn stalks in advance here and pick them up at the end of the festival. [/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54095″ radius=”50″ title=”6. Download TwentyTables”]6. Download the TwentyTables app to buy delicious meals from the food trucks while automatically giving back to local charities.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54096″ radius=”50″ title=”7. Check the Fall Festival Schedule”]7. Check the Fall Festival schedule to find out when your child should meet friends by the DJ booth for designated grade-level dance parties.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54094″ radius=”50″ title=”8. Buy Bracelets”]8. Buy your kids’ all access bracelets for rides and activities.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54097″ radius=”50″ title=”9. Cards are King”]9. Remember you can purchase everything (except rides and activities) with a credit card this year.[/mvc_flip_box]
[mvc_flip_box image_id=”54107″ radius=”50″ title=”10. Check out this Map”]10 . Check out this map to find your favorite attractions, and get ready to have a blast![/mvc_flip_box]