Update on In Person Classroom Lottery Seats

Dear Lafayette Families,

Later this afternoon, parents of students who are matched with seats in the in person learning classrooms will receive an email from DCPS notifying them of their match.  Unfortunately, the lottery results for students in our self-contained special education classes have been delayed – we expect those results early next week. 

If you wish to accept the spot, you can do two things: 

  1. Email Principal Broquard (carrie.) or AP Mayhew ()


  1. Wait for a call from Lafayette staff starting Monday, October 26 to verbally accept the offer


If you plan to decline the offer, you will be able to do so with the link in the email or you can email me at .  

We understand that you may want to know who will be teaching the in person classrooms.  We are in the process of working with stakeholders to finalize our approach to staffing assignments and will update you as soon as we can about who your child’s teacher.  Although we hoped to be able to share this information with families, we cannot at this time.  Due to the recent PERB ruling, we are unable to discuss staffing and any potential teacher or class shifts at this time. DCPS and WTU are currently in negotiations and we are honoring that process. 

This is a really challenging time for all of our stakeholders, including our teachers and staff.  Please be sensitive to our incredible teachers and do not ask our teachers about their teaching assignment.  Please DO NOT contact teachers with any questions about Term 2 plans or the lottery. They are not involved in the lottery process as it is run by DCPS Central Office.

Some information that I can share is that we have been working with our grade levels and mental health team to be sure that we have transition plans in place for students who may be shifting classrooms.  As soon as we can share information about staffing assignments, we will then be able to share plans for any students who may be shifting classrooms.

I can also share the following information:

  • All in-person classrooms with be taught by one of our school’s teachers
  • All classrooms will be set to sizes that are between 8 and 11 based on grade level; not to exceed 12 people per classroom
  • Our staff will continue to build strong relationships with our kids in both virtual and in-person classes 
  • I continue to prioritize stability of our staff and students in all decision making, while still recognizing that there may be some unavoidable shifts.

No matter who your child’s teacher will be in term 2, you can count on all of us to do what we do best- connect with our students, help them feel comfortable and included, and support their learning and growth.   Our goal is to create a joyful and supportive learning environment as we reopen for in-person learning, prioritizing safety and equity. We will have new protocols for arrival, dismissal, meal times, and socially distancing in our classrooms and during recess.  As plans evolve, I will continue to share out information.

Please have a restful weekend and take care of yourselves.  We will get through this together.

Dr. B