Virtual Field Day is Wednesday, June 16

All students will come to Wellness Wednesday at 9:15 for the big Taco Kick off!

During Wellness Wednesday we will get warmed up with a Raining Taco Dance and information needed to access all of the events.  Mark your calendars now for the big event- Wednesday, June 16th All day. Be on the lookout for more information.

In preparation for the day, there is some equipment that you will need.  If you don’t have it, no worries, just skip that event or improvise with something else.

During this week start collecting so that you are ready for Field Day. Any questions, contact Ms. McClure, Ms. Dunleavy or Ms. Braswell.

Equipment List for Field Day


Hat Bucket (large bowl)
Oversized t-shirt & shorts 2 cups
6 plastic cups (solo cups) Water balloons
Ping pong ball  
Wooden spoon sponge
3 Sock balls Spatula
Dice (1) Tupperware lid with an x marked on one side
Large towel Deck of cards
Wash cloth A strip of 3 squares of toilet paper
Bin (laundry basket) Taco shell (piece of paper cut and decorated to look like taco shell)
3 stuffies Boundary markers (cones, socks)
Book Paper plate
Chair or stool Coin (quarter)
Paper ball 2 or 3 inflated balloons