Virtual Spirit Week!

Who’s ready to show their Spirit from internet land?!  Starting on Monday, April 13, we’re having our first ever Virtual Spirit Week! 

  • Starting off with Monday, get nice and cozy as you learn in your pj’s or extra comfy pants.
  • Tuesday is the day to explore your closet and challenge yourself to put on two of each item of clothing. Can I wear two hoodies at the same time? Will I challenge the Laws of Physics and wear two pairs of socks…at the same time?! Let’s find out!
  • Need a reason to get off the computer and do an indoor workout? Well, Wednesday you can wear your workout clothes and complete your P.E. logs!
  • There is no school on Thursday, in honor of Emancipation Day. Visit to learn more about the history behind this day.
  • Let’s bring it home Friday with Lafayette Spirit Day.  Learn while sporting your Grizzly Gear!

If you feel like spreading the spirit, email Madison Bosurgi with your spirit week pictures!