Volunteers Needed: Calling all Pre-K and 5th Grade Parents!

Each month a different grade is assigned to assist with drop-off, and January is assigned to the Pre-K and 5th Grade classes class.  I combined the two grades because there are fewer Pre-K parents than other grades, and the drop-off line is not typically used as much by 5th grade parents. I’m hoping to appeal to 5th Grade parents and how much you used to value the drop-off line, even if you don’t use it now! Ideally we have 4 parent volunteers per day.

Please click on the below link to sign up and look to fill days that have two or less volunteers already. For those of you new to this volunteer opportunity, it’s super easy. Show up at 8:20, help kids get out of cars by opening doors and getting them out quickly, shut the door and get the cars on their way. When the school doors close at 8:40, that’s it. Please sign up for a couple of slots so that we can make sure it’s fully staffed. Kindergarten parents, thank you so much for your participation in December! If you have any questions, please contact Alison Lapointe at .


For those of you who haven’t volunteered for the drop-off line before, please watch this helpful video produced by the Murchie family.