Field Day is Coming May 31; Please Volunteer!

Happy May, which means Happy Field Day! We are looking for extra hands and help to assist in the Lafayette extravaganza that is Field Day. This year our theme is Movin’ Across America, where we’ll be celebrating movement through all parts of the US! If you’re interested in helping with a field day station please visit the sign up genius below! The sooner you sign up, the more choices you have on which station you would like to run from 8:30 am to 12 pm on Friday, May 31st.

Sign up here

With our theme Movin’ Across America, we will be challenging Lafayette to travel from coast to coast during the week of Field Day (Wednesday, May 29th- Friday, May 31st). To do that, we would like to have every first through third grader to have access to a pedometer! If you have a step counter at home (ex: pedometer or Fitbit device) that is available for your child to use during this week we would greatly appreciate it! Additionally, if you have EXTRA step counters that you willing to let another child borrow, that would be great!

We are very grateful to have access to about 200 pedometers that we use during PE, but we desperately need help changing the batteries! For those parents have any available time during the day (May 13th-22) and would like to help change some pedometer batteries, it would be extremely helpful!

If you have any questions OR would like to help with the pedometers, please reach out to Ms. McClure or Ms. Howes!