Are you wondering where your child’s artwork from before the shutdown ended up? Miracle of miracles, we have it here at school! We will be setting out boxes with art portfolios in them for you to claim over the next few weeks. Last year’s PRE-K, KINDERGARTEN AND 5TH GRADE art will be set out in front of the school Wednesday through Friday, 6/2-6/4!  

When you come for your child’s artwork you need to find YOUR CHILD’S LAST YEAR’S teacher’s box. Portfolios will be organized alphabetically by FIRST NAME. Please try to leave portfolios in order so that it is easier for all to find. Remember, you will need to look for LAST YEAR’S class of portfolios. 

Was your child in grades 1-4 last year? Stay tuned for future Wednesday distribution dates! 

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in retrieving your child’s portfolio.  

From your super organized Art teachers, 

Ms. McLaughlin and Ms. Perll