We are DOING IT!!!! Distance Learning Update

We have done many mighty things as a community, but this may be the most remarkable achievement yet.  On Days 1 and 2, students logged in, had morning meetings, checked in with teachers, learned how to access assignments, had small group instruction, and were overall rock stars!  Much love goes to our entire Lafayette staff as well as to our students and parents.  Every member of our staff has increased their technology fluency in ways I cannot even begin to describe.  We are Lafayette – truly.

Here are some reflections and reminders as we embark on this new journey:

  1. Microsoft Teams are our new classrooms.  To that end, teachers are working to establish  classroom norms.
  • Kids should be in Teams in the same way they are in a classroom:
    • Quiet workspace to the greatest extent possible
    • Students only please (no siblings or parents).  We recognize this may look different at the beginning for PreK/KDG.
  • Only teachers start video chat sessions. Similarly, everyone should hang up at the end.  (It’s like having an open door to a classroom, kids inside, and no adult.  Argh!!!)
  1. Teams are classrooms, not social media sites.  We know kids are missing one another.  Below are some ways to have kids stay connected:
    • Teach them to use the directory! Using alphabetical order, look up a classmate’s contact info.
    • Write a letter. Using the directory, teach kids to address an envelope.  Kids could start a chain letter, add their entry, then mail to the next friend’s house.  This was the precursor to blogging I think….Write to me!  I’m happy to write back!  My address is in the directory.
    • Teach kids to make a phone call. This really is a lost art.  The enrichment activity – teach them how to use a landline!!! 
    • Virtual Playdates:  Contact other parents/families to schedule virtual playdates. There are many ways to do this (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, the list goes on…).
  1. Keep those pictures coming! We have so much to photodocument!!!  Please email pics to madison.


  1. For everyone with login issues – thank you for your continued patience.  we are working on it!  Give us until Friday.  I don’t know what we would do without Donna Beck, Afsheen Benab and Erin Duchinsky right now!  Thank you again for your patience; we know it’s frustrating.


Our incredible SEL team has also been hard at work checking in on families and students and providing resources.  They’ve created several read alouds and videos for our students.  We recognize that this can be scary for our students – everything is different.  Take a moment to check out each of these stories from Ms. Ayers and Ms. Carre  and a peace video from Ms. Ryden.

“The Invisible String” – read by Ms. Ayers

“Be Where Your Feet Are” – read by Ms. Carre

Peace Video


We never cease to amaze me.  Keep up the incredible teamwork.  More to come from me soon, but for now, take a deep breath, find your groove, and know that we are stronger together.  We are doing it!!! 

With love and pride,

Dr. B