We Need YOU to Make Images 2020 Happen!

Lafayette Traditions Continue… both the Yearbook AND our Art and Literary Anthology!

Please make sure your child has completed their Images Illustration! Pre-K and K you are DONE!
Grades 1-5, there will be sadness when our book comes out if your child only has a story. 🙁 Drawings were due last week!

Remember, use black pen on a 3″ square with their name and class code at the bottom and e-mail to ! Congratulations to Ms. Ritchie, Ms. Barry, Ms. Densen, Ms. DiRenzo, and Ms. Peters class for having almost all of your students submit drawings!!!

Please encourage students to continue making Cover submissions and Autograph Page designs and e-mail them to the same address. 🙂 The deadline for Covers and Autograph page designs is extended to Friday, April 17th!

Stay tuned for how purchase will happen. We are looking into the possibility of taking orders and having them mailed to you or being able to purchase in the Summer or Fall.

Thanks for your support!!!
Questions Grades 1-5? Come to the Art Class Team from the Main Teams page.