Weekly Updates – 5/9

Dear Lafayette Families –

Last week we took extra time and care to celebrate and appreciate our teachers and staff.  While we feel the love every day, last week was a truly exceptional week.  Thank you to the HSA and all the students and families for our cards, lunch, flowers, sweet treats and of course the chair massages!!!  I want to say a special thank you to all of our teachers and staff for being an unflappable, caring, and hardworking team of people who are incredibly gifted at caring for and educating our children.  So while Staff Appreciation week has come to a close….let the love and the appreciation carry on.

Over the past week and a half, we have seen an uptick in COVID cases.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility as we work together to be sure we have all close contacts and classrooms notified.  As a note, DCPS has shifted their masking policy to state that all close contacts must wear a mask for 10 days from exposure date.  Moving forward, we will be sure to remind anyone who has been identified as a close contact.   We are also encouraging staff and families in classrooms where there are known cases to mask for 10 days in an attempt to mitigate further spread.

Last week we also started PARCC testing in 3rd  grade.  For the last two years, PARCC had been suspended in light of the pandemic.  Therefore, this may be new to our community and our students.  Here are a few resources if you would like to learn more:

            PARCC for Parents from OSSE – disregard the “new” and the date

            PARCC by PBS Learning Media

Each day, students take an online multiple choice test in either Math or ELA.  We only have students do one-two sections per day and testing is completed for the day by about 10:30 am.  Students then go on with their day.  Students with IEPs and 504s are afforded all accommodations as required.  This week 4th grade tests on Tuesday – Friday.  Next week we will finish off with 5th grade.  Parents will receive a full report from PARCC on the results of how your students did sometime in the summer/early next school year.

While very few people love multiple choice standardized tests, we recognize that these are a reality throughout our educational careers – including into college and grad school.  We also recognize that while we want the students to “show what they know” and do their best, these are not overemphasized events.  We do not teach “test prep”, we do not “hype the test”, and we try to keep the focus on doing what you can and moving on.  Students should not be stressed out or nervous about PARCC, although that can be a natural reaction.   

Finally, a note about volunteering for Field Trips and Field Day! 

Thank you as always for everything we do together as a community!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming outdoor Arts Nights!

            Arts Night Pre-K, K and 1st Grade – 6 pm – Thursday, 5/12

  • Pre-K arrive and line up at 6pm. Perform from 6:10-6:20pm.
  • Kindergarten line up at 6:20pm. Perform from 6:30- 6:40pm.
  • First grade Perll (Briggs, Goodwin, Paton) line up at6:40, perform from 6:50-7:00pm.
  • First grade Gemar (Bauer, Hallock, Otto) line up at 7:00, perform from 7:10-7:20pm.

Here’s to a great last 7 weeks of school!  And one final plug…if you haven’t done your enrollment paperwork, DO IT THIS WEEK!!!!  We are still waiting on about 300 of you!!!!  DCPS Enrollment Forms

Dr. B