Welcome to a summer of reading!

Just a few days of school left, and then it’s time to relax, spend time outdoors and read for fun!  The Literacy Committee is pleased to share this year’s summer reading guide.  This document is filled with information on finding free ebooks and audiobooks, fun reading activities and book suggestions for every grade.  We hope that you and your student will find it useful in the weeks ahead!  The summer reading guide is accessible on the Lafayette Library website (linked to on both the Lafayette Tech page and Clever).

There are no assigned books this summer.  Instead, your student should focus on reading regularly (shoot for 20 minutes a day) and reading what makes them happy!  Student interest is a powerful motivator, and summer is the perfect time to dig into a new series, research an interesting topic, try out a new genre or format (maybe an audiobook, graphic novel or novel-in-verse), or reread an old favorite.  It’s been a stressful year; let’s enjoy great books this summer!

Thankfully, books are easier to access this summer!  The public library branches are open again.  (Ms. Leese highly recommends getting your free cards from District of Columbia and Montgomery County Public Libraries; there are three library branches convenient to Chevy Chase!)  DCPS has been buying wonderful ebooks and audiobooks all year that you can enjoy on Sora.  There are other free ebook and audiobook options for you; look at the list in the summer reading guide for more information.

Finally, the Literacy Committee wants to thank you for all the many ways you’ve encouraged your student to read this school year!  Helping them access Epic, Destiny Discover and Sora; reading with them at night; toting around a book so they can read between appointments; and so much more!  You’ve been invaluable partners in your child’s education, literacy and love of story.  We hope you have a great summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone in August!

Happy reading!

The Literacy Committee:  Ms. Leese, Mr. King, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Cassidy, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Peters, Ms. Moore, Ms. Nantais, Ms. Hallock, Ms. Cobb and Ms. Pajor