Your public libraries are here for you!

Have you been taking advantage of your public libraries?  The buildings are closed, but their virtual offerings are growing all the time.  This is just a list of a few of the resources and events that DC and Montgomery County Public Libraries have for you during this crisis.  As a DC resident, you’re eligible to get a MCPL card, and their system is well worth joining! 

Both DCPL and MCPL are great sources of free audiobooks and ebooks.  They’re also the go-to place for databases our students can use while doing research.  To make life easier for our students, Ms. Leese curated a list of audiobooks and ebooks websites and a list of research databases on the Lafayette Library website. 

DC Public Library 

You can register for a DCPL card online. 

DCPL organizes its digital resources in an interface called goDigital.  You can stream music and videos, learn new languages, study for exams, do research, and of course read books, magazines and news articles, all with your library card! 

DCPL is also running virtual programming, including Twitter book clubs, classes and daily story times.  You can read about what DCPL is doing for you while you’re at home on their website.  They’ve also curated a list of distance learning resources. 

Montgomery County Library 

You can register for a digital library card online.  Consider starting with MCPL’s Frequently Asked Questions about their online services. 

MCPL doesn’t organize its online resources as nicely as DCPL does, but their list is long and worth looking through.  There is some overlap with DCPL, but also many others!  Lots of reading choices, streaming services, and educational resources. 

MCPL is offering story times, exercise classes, foreign language classes and conversation clubs, and information sessions about all sorts of useful things.  Look at their calendar and see if there’s something that interests you or your family!