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February 8, 2018 - Volume III
Weekly updates, helpful tips and reminders, polite solicitations, and the occasional limerick or auction craic. For comprehensive event info, tickets, and more, please continue to visit our auction page.

Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!

Tickets for our wee auction party are now available. So, here’s the skinny, $75 will get you in the door and entitle you to one whopper of an evening including dinner, an open bar, plus a live auction followed by a whole lot of malarkey at the LAFAYETTE Harp & Fiddle. There’ll be live music, dancing, billiards and darts. Could you ask for more?

Right now, tickets are $75 per person. After March 10th they’ll be $90, and then $100 at the door. So don’t be an “eejit” and click here.

Are you a Golden L member? You can secure your tickets by clicking here and following the prompt to enter the promo code GL18.

Want to party like a Marquis? Join the Marquis de Lafayette host committee for $150 and we’ll shower you with treats, including a ticket to the Golden “L” Reception, entry to the Auction Party and we’ll give you a “Shout Out” in our auction catalog. Click here.

Feeling a Bit Winey?

Come to the Lafayette Annual Wine Party
Good wine, good food and good company—this is the recipe one of the Auction's early and ever-popular fundraisers -- the annual Lafayette Wine Party.

When: Saturday, February 24, at 8:00 PM
Where: The home of Kendal and Mike McManus

Spaces to this event are disappearing fast, so if you wish to attend the Wine Party, please email Eileen Dombo as soon as possible.

New to the scene or never attended in the past? You are in for a treat. This is a special evening for Lafayette moms and dads to enjoy some comradery and wine tasting, all with the goal of helping our school. Each couple, as well as each single person or single person with a guest, brings a "luxury" wine of their choosing worth $75 or more and with a rating of 92+ points, which will go to the highest bidders at the Auction. Guest are also asked to contribute $20 to help cover the cost of tasting wines served at the party.

Behind the Scenes

You know you want a sneak peek at what is going on behind the scenes. Want to know which auction items have been donated? Is it too early to plot your bidding strategy? Look no further!

Party Hardy at a ‘Parent Party’
What better way to support Lafayette than by attending our legendary parent-hosted parties? The Auction is your chance to sign up for a party you won’t soon forget! Remember, capacity is limited and there’s a lot of competition from Lafayette’s notorious party animals. Get the advantage by previewing the parties here and deciding which ones you can’t miss.

If you, like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, love the taste of Scotch Scotchy Scotch Scotch, come taste some of the best of what Scotland has to offer. On April 7th at 8 PM, we will tour through the Highlands, Speyside, and Islay regions, and maybe some others. Come try some unique single malt Scotches -- including some that are not commercially available in the U.S. -- plus an American whiskey or two. Snacks will be provided.
It’s the perfect reason for a fiesta—Cinco de Mayo! Do it in style with hosts Sean and Ashley Kennedy. Sip on delicious margaritas while enjoying a menu featuring colorful flavors from south of the border. Sombreros and serapes are optional—¡Olé!
Savage Shamrocks

Kudos to the Decorating Divas!

We know. There is practically no way for us to compete with the Irish when it comes to architecture. I mean, the Irish countryside has remains of the Stone Age, Gothic and neo-Gothic cathedrals and castles abound, and don’t even get us started on the sleek modern building styles that speckle the skylines of traditional buildings in Dublin, Cork and more. We do have something the Emerald Isle does not—Decorating Divas. This amazing crew of women are using their imaginations to create a gorgeous riot of inspiration for our auction. Quick to volunteer and fun to work with, these síles are second to none when creating a pub and embracing the “green”. Jenny Gerdts, Cyndy Carpenter, Min Stewart, Tali Mager, Fiorenza Castelli, Gadia Zrihan, Sharapat Kessler and Verena Braunhoeler—THANK YOU, you are deadly!

You Heard it Here First

What’s the latest Auction craic (gossip)?

What to wear
Wondering what to wear to this year’s Auction? Well, if you were heading to the pub for St. Paddy’s day, what would you do? Maybe a ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt paired with your favorite jeans. Or maybe you’ll just come as you are, but throw on a green bowler for flare. Sequins are your thing? Well, by all means, don them and get yourself to the school. This year we are going for simple, casual and maybe a touch green. We really don’t care what you wear as long as you come ready to bid, dance and have a good time. All right. Grand.

Seamróg = the Shamrock

This delicate green plant has long been seen as a symbol of Ireland. Since 1571, it has been integrated into the countries symbology. The United Kingdom uses it along with the Rose, the Thistle and the Leek of England, Scotland and Wales, and both civilian volunteers and the Irish regiments have decorated their lapels with clover pins over the years. The Shamrock has three leaves and three is Ireland’s magic number. In Celtic symbolism, three is the most sacred and magical number. It multiplies to nine, which is sacred to the goddess Brigid. Three is said to have signified totality: past, present and future; behind, before and here; sky, earth and underworld. Everything good in Ireland comes in threes. The rhythm of storytelling in the Irish tradition is based on threefold repetition. In quality pub talk, a raconteur can rarely resist a third adjective, especially if it means stretching a point. And speaking of the pub, who can resist a shamrock swirl on the creamy head on a pint of Guinness?

Luck o’ the Irish

Thank you in advance for supporting the Auction!

Donate Today
T’would be brilliant if you were willing to donate, or could secure the donation of items like hotel and airline points, sport paraphernalia, and special event tickets. Does your firm have box seats at Capitol One Arena or NATS Stadium? Don’t dodder, donate them today! Click here.

Want to help out but have nothing to donate? Donate cash! You can sponsor the specialty cocktail, a hotel stay or just give because you have a big ol’ heart. Whatever the reason, we’d be grateful! Click here.

Shout Out!
Everyone loves to be recognized. Say “hi” to a child, thank a school staff member, or congratulate a student by purchasing a Shout Out in the Auction Catalog. Shout Outs must be received no later than Friday, February 23rd. Click here.

Comp a Teacher
We love our teachers and staff. And with all they do for our kids, there’s no way they’re paying for their own tickets. Help us cover this cost and we’ll buy you a Guinness. Click here.

Five weeks to go!

What’s most important you say? Book your babysitter, buy your tickets, and save March 17th for a wee bit o’ bidding and a whole lot o’ malarkey! If it’s more information you be needing, get thee to our webpage post-haste!
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