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Room Parents

Room parents help to organize classroom activities such as class parties, field trips, scheduling volunteers (e.g., art class, journaling, and special projects that require more helping hands), parent gatherings such as a parents-only potluck dinner in the Fall, and other events. They can serve as a first source of information before contacting the teacher with certain logistical questions. Room parents also maintain an emergency contact list and can initiate a phone tree in case of emergencies. If you are interested in being a room parent, please contact  or your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year. Usually, each class has 3 room parents to share the responsibilities.

Room Parent List for 2016-2017

Ms. Ghamarian
Mr. Johnson

Ms. Martinez
 Ms. Shapiro
Ms. Taguian
Ms. Abraham
Ms. Brown
Ms. Daley
Ms. Haigler
Ms. Ivy
Ms. Ritchie
First Grade
Ms. de Jonckheere
Ms. Hallock
Ms. Howard
Mr. Martin
Mr. McCants
Second Grade
Ms. Breslin
Ms. Cobb
Mr. King
Ms. Mesghenna
Ms. Nickel
Third Grade
Ms. Bosurgi
Ms. Campbell
Mr. Rogall
Ms. Yedwab
Fourth Grade
Mr. Catapano
Mr. Coor
Ms. Culver
Ms. Houston
Ms. Ratliff
Lisa Joire
Fifth Grade
Ms. Campbell
Mr. Gregal
Ms. Harn
Ms. DiRenzo
 Ms. Skubel