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Saturday March 25, 2017 from 7 -11PM


Wondering what the Lafayette Auction is all about?

 Here’s a guide to help you “know your onions” about Lafayette’s biggest party of the year.

WHAT IS THE LAFAYETTE AUCTION? Our school’s biggest fundraiser AND a party that is simply the bees knees. For the low price of $75 a person in advance and $95 at the door, your ticket includes dinner, an open bar, and an exciting evening of jitterbugging as well as bidding on a selection of out of this world items in a silent and then live auction. All proceeds benefit the programs that make Lafayette such a wonderful school.

WHEN IS IT? Saturday, March 25 from 7pm-11pm — with a special Speakeasy Lounge and after-party, too!

WHERE IS IT? Right here at Lafayette Elementary School. Our decorating committee will be “razzle dazzling” the school to make us feel like we have stepped onto the set of The Great Gatsby. The after-party will be in the neighborhood, hopefully on the Avenue.

WHO RUNS THE AUCTION? A committee of hard-working volunteer parents chaired this year by and and supported by the HSA. Thank you Sarah & Kavita and Team 2017 Auction!

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO SUPPORT THE AUCTION? To raise valuable funds to pay for all the extras our children deserve but DCPS doesn’t provide. Funds raised purchase classroom supplies and technology, support our innovative mindfulness program and wonderful music program, supplement science and art instruction, and buy new uniforms for our student athletes.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $75 in advance. $95 at the door.  Plus you can sponsor a teacher, buy a shoutout in the Auction guide or join as a Marquis De Lafayette host for $150 and get a ticket and listed in the Auction Guide as a member of the Host Committee. You can buy your tickets now here.

WHAT ARE THESE AUCTION PARTIES I KEEP HEARING ABOUT?  Every year Lafayette parents host parties for adults &  families that happen after the Auction throughout the spring. They can be anything from an adult gourmet dinner party in your home to a BBQ at Nats Stadium for kids. The hosts pay the costs of the party and the guests pay a fee to attend which goes to directly to the Auction. You sign up for these parties the night of the Auction. If you want to host a party please contact and .



#1 – EVERYBODY IN THE SCHOOL SUPPORTS THE AUCTION Your children are working on special Class Creations that parents can bid on at the Auction. Your friends & neighbors are planning Special Parent & Family Parties that you can sign up to attend. Your Teachers donate their free time and creativity for Teacher Treats, which are fun adventures you can win for your kids, such as a zoo or movie outing with their favorite teacher. Even Dr. B gets in on the fun, allowing you to win your kid “Principal for a Day”

#2 – THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – From vacation packages that go for top dollar to restaurant gift certificates that start at $20, there are items at every price point. Hate Auctions or the stress of bidding? You can also just donate directly to the Auction on our webpage.

#3 – YOU CAN SHOP IN ADVANCE The Auction catalog will come home the week prior to Auction, allowing you to browse for your favorite items and come ready to bid.

#4 – YOU CAN SAVE ON YOUR TAXES If your winning bid exceeds the item’s value, you can deduct the difference. Donated items may also be deductible (consult your tax advisor for details). You will receive a receipt acknowledging your contributions.

#5 – IT’S A GREAT EXCUSE TO DRESS UP IN COSTUME  – The Lafayette community loves a good excuse to wear costumes and what could be more fun than donning a zoot suit, fedora or flapper dress for this year’s 1928 Gala. But if you hate dressing up, you don’t have to. We’ll love you just the way you are.

#6 – IF YOU CAN’T MAKE THE PARTY, YOU CAN STILL HELP – You can make a cash donation to help cover costs, purchase a teacher’s ticket, buy a shout-out in the Auction catalog, or donate an item for the Auction. Check out our website to donate.

#7IT ISN’T TOO LATE TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP AT THE AUCTION – We need folks to help decorate the school, promote the Auction, help sell tickets  and so much more. Please contact  and to volunteer your time to help the Auction.

#8 – IT ISN’T TOO LATE TO DONATE AN ITEM TO THE AUCTION – Cleaning out the attic and just found some holiday gifts you never returned? Donate them to the Auction. Have a stash of airline miles or some tickets to a play you aren’t using. We’ll take them. It’s so easy to donate. Just enter your info here.

#9  – YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO DONATE AN “ITEM” – DONATE YOUR EXPERTISE, TIME OR SERVICES – Are you a gourmet chef? Donate a home-cooked meal. Do you have a greenthumb? Volunteer to plant someone’s spring flowers.  Are you a master organizer? Donate a closet organizing session or a decluttering session. Go here to donate.

#10WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE AUCTION EVERY WEEK UNTIL SATURDAY MARCH 25. – Keep your eyes peeled for our special hip, hep, and happening Auction Constant Contact coming out every Thursday and check out our Auction website.