Our library helps students become critical thinkers and skillful, responsible users of information.

Lafayette’s library provides an inviting, relaxing area for the students. With more than 14,000 books to choose from, every student is able to find a book they really want to read, the first step to becoming a life-long avid reader. The library also provides a collection of print and electronic sources that support the curriculum and new technologies in classroom learning and research.

Students can drop in to the library before or after school or during flex time. They also visit the library regularly as part of the curriculum. During class visits, the school librarian presents topics chosen to nurture a love of literature or to support research skills. The goals are to sustain each child’s excitement for books and reading as well as to prepare students to become life-long readers and independent gatherers of information.

Checking Out Books

All students may check out books. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are limited to one book at a time, with Kindergarten transitioning to two books at a time later in the school year. Grade 1 may have two books for pleasure reading out at a time. Grade 2 may have three; Grade 3 may have four; Grade 4 may have five; and Grade 5 may have six books checked out at a time. (Books that are needed for research, projects, and Buddy Reading do not count in these limits.) Families can always monitor what their student has checked out by logging onto our online catalog with the student’s ID number and birth date. If a student loses a book, please contact our librarian, Rachel Leese, as soon as possible. While students are not required to pay to replace a lost book, families are welcome to buy a replacement copy.