While classrooms celebrate birthdays and host holiday parties, Lafayette also has special school traditions.

Several special school-wide celebrations and annual events are cherished parts of the Lafayette experience.  In addition, each grade level at Lafayette embarks on unique learning projects and special presentations (called “informances”) that are shared with parents or the school community.

Dot Day

An artistic celebration of the power of creativity, courage, and collaboration.

Halloween Parade

Students and teachers circle the baseball field in full costume.

Spirit Weeks

Sponsored by the student council, students come to school in PJs, themed attire, team jerseys, and their own Grizzly Gear.

Arts Night

A music and arts celebration with grade-wide performances and displays for each student at the school.

Field Day

A celebration of the end of the school year with a day of class vs. class tug-of-war, scavenger hunts, Frisbee pancake flips, and dozens of other games.


International Feast

Families and students create and share food and music from around the globe.

Pre-K End of Year Celebration

Families celebrate the end of pre-school at the end of the school year. Kindergarten, here we come!


Thanksgiving Food Drive

Students collect food for local food pantries.

Living Museums

Students transform their classroom into ecological habitats.


Patriotic Assembly

Students share U.S. history, stories, songs, and traditions.


Students show off in-depth research that mirrors our down-the-street-resource—the National Zoo!


Wax Museum

After researching and writing first-person moments in time about inventors/innovators and their inventions, 2nd graders “become” that person in pose, speech, and costume.


DC Theater Café

Students present a history of important Washingtonians to other grades while dining in a theater cafe setting.


State Fair

Every student researches one state — the economy, history, tourist attractions, and geography — and then presents a visual of all of their research and learning about their individual states.

Battle of the Books

Students prepare for months for this epic battle of reading comprehension and teamwork.


Science Fair

Students present the results of their scientific hypotheses in visual displays explaining their processes, procedures, and the final conclusions.


Students, teachers, staff, and families join together in a final celebration of 5th graders and their accomplishments at Lafayette.