Bullying Prevention in DCPS
DCPS Bullying Prevention Policy


Lafayette is committed to making our school a safe and welcome space for your child. Families are critical players in these efforts.

One of the most proactive measures families can take to shield their children from bullying is to talk to them early and openly about what it means to bully or to be bullied. Doing so not only ensures open lines of communication, but also reinforces the importance of speaking up about problems at school. Bullying is intentional action taken to purposely hurt someone’s feelings or body, involves a power difference, and is repeated.

If a parent suspects their child may be experiencing bullying at school, they should ask about it explicitly. Make sure to tell your child that you are there to help and you believe what he or she has to say.

If you think your child is bullying others, it is important to discuss the behavior and make it clear that bullying is taken very seriously. At the same time, you may want to work with your child to understand some of the reasons behind the bullying.


If you witness cyber-bullying (use of the Internet and related technologies to bully) that includes threats of violence, child pornography or sexually explicit materials, and stalking or hate crimes, you should consider reporting the incident to law enforcement. Cyber-bullying also can create classroom disruptions and lead to in-person bullying.

For any questions or concerns about bullying, please contact Jillian Diesner, School Counselor at 

All reports of bullying are taken seriously and investigated fully. Appropriate consequences for bullying actions will be implemented in all instances of confirmed bullying behaviors.