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Local School Advisory Team

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The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is a group of elected and appointed members that exists for every DCPS school. The team consists of parents, teachers, non-instructional school staff, a community member, and in some cases students, to advise the principal on matters that promote high expectations and high achievement for all students. These teams were initially established to serve in an advisory capacity to the principal for the purpose of improving student outcomes.

Local School Advisory Teams are tasked with advising the principal on matters such as: allocation of school resources; organization of the school; curriculum options, including special or supplementary course offerings and specialized research-based instructional strategies; budget decisions; priorities and considerations for staffing patterns and the selection of personnel; monitoring overall student progress; school culture, and family engagement.

If you have concerns about any of the above matters, please feel free to raise them with any of the LSAT members so they can discuss them with the group and the school’s principal at their next LSAT meeting. All LSAT meetings, which are typically held on the first Wednesday of each month, are open to observers.

2016-2017 Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

2014-2015 Meeting Minutes

2013-2014 Meeting Minutes

2016-17 LSAT Members

Parent Representatives
Community Representative
Teacher/Staff Representatives
HSA Representatives
Washington Teachers Union Building Representative