2022 Marquis de Lafayette Awards This Tuesday, June 14 at 6pm

Each year, the HSA recognizes teachers, staff members, parents, or other members of the community for outstanding and sustained service to the Lafayette community through our Marquis de Lafayette Awards. Our recipients will be recognized as a part of our final General Meeting on Tuesday, June 14 at 6:00 pm. There will be an in-person ceremony followed by a reception held at Lafayette, indoors at the school library. All are welcome.

Congratulations to:
Lydia Weiss
Nedra Pickler
Chris Lisi
Kenneth Hover
Melanie Vella

We also congratulate the members of our school Mental Health Team:
Sophia Carre
Erin Ayers
Jillian Diesner
Rashida Mosby
Jenni Marques
Danielle Beard
Jade Hill

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff for a wonderful year of school and community. We look forward to celebrating with you on June 14th.