Announcing Yearbook Cover Contest Winners!

We are pleased and proud to announce the winners of the Yearbook Cover Contest! The committee had some very tough choices to make as there were so many amazing entries… but the following winners will appear in our yearbook this Spring! Congratulations!
FRONT COVER- 5th graders Rose Wilkins & Daniela Rodriguez
BACK COVER-5th graders Parker Healey, Alice Colligan-Zullow & Caroline O’Leary
CANDID SECTION HEADER- 5th grader Akil Adasi
5TH GRADE SECTION HEADER- 5th graders Liam Geary & Andrew Valchev
4TH GRADE SECTION HEADER- 4th grader Winnie Mandle
3RD GRADE SECTION HEADER-3rd grader Clara Beene
2ND GRADE SECTION HEADER- 2nd grader Genevieve Olson
1ST GRADE SECTION HEADER-1st grader Iris Gruetzmacher
KINDERGARTEN SECTION HEADER- Kindergarten student Collette Dall’Asta
PRE-K SECTION HEADER- Pre-K student Eliza Beene