Black Lives Matter Year of Purpose Resources

Following up on the HSA General meeting I promised to share the monthly resources the Racial Equity Committee is sharing with teachers as part of our third Black Lives Matter Year of Purpose. This month our Black Lives Matter Year of Purpose theme is Empathy. We are going to focus on empathy by learning about Black American Sign Language. In my Peace Classes we have been learning how to express our feelings in sign language. We do a feelings check-in at the beginning of every Peace class and the kids are getting really good at it. This month classroom teachers will be sharing videos that introduce this month’s theme, relate it to the overall theme of Ubuntu, learn about BASL and allow classes to start doing ASL feelings check-ins together. Kids in Pk/K/1 haven’t been learning this yet but here’s a video to get them started. It’s really fun and the kids love it. Ask your kids how to share their feelings in ASL.