Calling All Babysitters and Graphic Designers for the AtoZConnect Family Directory

Every year the HSA compiles a family directory using a service called AtoZConnect that is delivered to every family in the school and is also available as a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. This directory is checked many times each week when arranging play dates, contacting room parents, scheduling volunteer activities and more. If you have already signed up for the directory previously, you don’t have to do anything unless your contact information has changed. Go here for more information.

Relatedly, we have two requests for babysitters and graphic designers to make this year’s directory even more useful to you. 
1. Calling All Babysitters!  We’re compiling a listing of neighborhood babysitters for the Lafayette Family Directory. This is intended for neighborhood students–usually Lafayette alums or siblings–who will be available for weekend, evening and other casual babysitting. The listings are free, but please only submit a listing if you expect to be reasonably available, and limit the entry to a few sentences at most.

Include your name, age, phone number and/or email address, as well as any restrictions (such as what days you are available or what age group you want to babysit). The babysitting list will be available in the print and online directory. Please email submissions to .

2. Calling graphic designers for a short-term project!  We need a graphic designer to spend a few volunteer hours laying out the staff and faculty pages of the Lafayette Family Directory before it goes to print in November.  If you have the interest and ability, please reach out to Annalisa at .  Thank you!