District Officials Propose Steps to Improve Traffic Safety

Suggestions Include Signage, Eliminating Bus Stops, Rerouting E6

District government officials proposed increased traffic safety measures around the school and a potential plan to re-route city buses off Broad Branch Road during a meeting last week with Lafayette parents and community members.

The meeting, organized by Councilmember Brandon Todd’s office, came after a site visit last fall following a Metro bus accident. Representatives from the D.C. Department of Transportation, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the Metropolitan Police Department attended.

DDOT presented a report, available here, with plans to improve street signage this spring. DDOT transportation engineer Emily Dalphy said other measures to improve safety on Northampton Street between Broad Branch and 33rd could be considered, with support of residents. That includes speed humps, limits on parking on the north side of the block during school drop off and consideration of making the street one-way, although she indicated the later could be difficult to achieve given the impact on residents and traffic flow for surrounding streets.

Dalphy also proposed moving two of the three ADA compliant parking spots on Broad Branch around the corner to Northampton to accommodate the buses that serve special needs students, with curb space limited by the E6 bus stop at Oliver Street. Dr. Broquard and other community members raised safety concerns about the impact moving those spots could have with drivers from the drop off lane having to swing around parked cars. Dalphy said she would take those objections view back to DDOT.

WMATA’s Kristine Marsh then presented a proposal to reroute the E6 bus away from Broad Branch in front of the school one block west to Nevada Avenue. Dr. Broquard voiced strong support for moving the line and expressed fears about the risk passing buses pose to students. Some residents voiced concern about the impact moving the route would have on safety along Nevada. Marsh said because the change would impact 17 percent of the line’s ridership, it would need to be subject to more study and input from residents and riders. She also said that eliminating bus stops at Broad Branch and Oliver could be a possibility with approval from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which could help create more space for ADA parking and help reduce the number of cars trying to drive around a stopped bus.

ANC Commissioner Rebecca Maydak said she would like to address the bus proposals and other traffic safety measures at an upcoming ANC meeting to get community input.

The meeting was not attended by officials from the D.C. Department of Public Works, which has responsibility for parking enforcement. But police officials were present and pledged to increase enforcement of traffic violations like speeding and running stop signs in the area.

Interested community members should look for upcoming ANC 3/4 community meetings (the proposed April 22 meeting may include discussion and vote on the topic; agendas and minutes can be found here) and consider writing to the following individuals for further information or to express a point of view.
Bus route and stop concerns: Kristine Marsh,
Traffic violations and enforcement: Captain Edward Bernat,
ANC commissioner: Becky Maydak,

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