HSA By-Laws Updates

Members of the Lafayette Community:

The HSA Board is proposing an important change in our current practices and our by-laws, one we believe sets us on a more inclusive path.

The Board would like to eliminate HSA member dues for the 2018-2019 school year. At present, our by-laws require the payment of dues to become a member of the HSA; members have the right to make motions and vote on a number of HSA issues, including the budget that supplements our school with critical staff and programming support.

We believe that membership in the HSA should be open to every parent or guardian of Lafayette students, as well as school staff. They are all a part of our school community, irrespective of financial contribution. We will retain a dues requirement for members not directly affiliated with the school.

This is a similar approach other DCPS schools take, and we hope you find this evolution as promising as we do. The changes to our by-laws can be found here. Please note that we have retained the ability for a future Board to re-institute dues should that be desirable at the time.

We hope you can attend our final general meeting of the year on June 7 to discuss and vote on this proposal, as well as our 2018-2019 budget and incoming board members. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with questions or feedback in the meantime.
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