Lafayette Archer Club News

Congratulations to everyone on the team for this achievement. The archery club is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students. We practice during school lunch and recess times as well as some after school. All students in these grades participate in PE class and then some choose to participate in the club.  As a club we instill the core values of perseverance, integrity, caring and responsibility.

Here is a sampling of some of our archers scores for the tournament. Most of the archers had personal bests or scored close to their previous score!

Top 10 Scorers:

Nava Zwerdling (5th grade) – 219

Nia Fabrikant  (5th grade) –   216

Gabe Kline (5th grade) – 208

Audrey Ponchione (4th grade) – 205

Parker Healey (5th grade) –  205

Elisabeth Okada–Vanze (5th grade) – 204

Alice Colligan-Zullow (5th grade) – 197

Sam Hyde-Parish (5th grade) – 194

Graham Healey (4th grade) – 193

Ana Huggins (4th grade) – 173