Principal Transition 2024-2025

Dear Lafayette Elementary School,

As I wrote you last week I hope that this letter finds each of you well. Serving as principal of Lafayette Elementary has been such an unparalleled experience. It is with mixed feelings that I send this letter to inform you that I have accepted an opportunity to lead another school within DC Public Schools (DCPS) and will not be returning to Lafayette as your principal for School Year 2024-2025.

The Lafayette community welcomed me as its school leader in 2014 as a first-year principal. Over the past ten years, we have grown together personally, professionally, and as a school community. The years that have transpired since fill me with pride. Together, we have accomplished the following:

  • Tackled “a little construction project,” aka an $85 million dollar modernization, complete with trailers and a tent for a cafeteria and gym;
  • Navigated a global pandemic and re-opened with 600+ students;
  • Created a full complement of special education programming;
  • Invested in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts both within the building and the Homeand School Association (HSA);
  • Earned the title of a National Blue Ribbon School in 2021; and
  • Built a robust mental health team with a schoolwide systematic approach to social-emotionallearning—creating a holistic and supportive space for learning for all students.While this handful of major achievements is extraordinary, they pale in comparison to the daily joy of watching each of our students learn and grow every day. It is these daily interactions that drive everything I do as an educator and what I will miss most for all 935 of us.To continue the mission and vision of meeting students where they are academically and socially, you will have the opportunity to engage in the selection process for a new principal. In preparation for the transition, DCPS coordinates the selection and appointment of principals with great care and consideration. An important part of the school’s contribution will be to form a Community Panel—a committee comprising parents, teachers, and community members to provide a diverse perspective on the decision-making process.

    We will start with a virtual informational meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, to learn about the next steps for selecting a new school leader. Instructional Superintendent Andria Caruthers will lead the meeting, along with representatives from the DCPS Office of School Improvement and the Office of Engagement and Partnerships. The linked flyer includes more information on how to join that meeting.

    The decision to leave Lafayette was not an easy one – every day I find joy and pride in what we accomplish as a community. I am grateful to be taking with me a decade of leadership experiences, and skills built in my time working with the families and community that pushed my growth as an educator. I am confident I would not have had this experience anywhere else in the world or with any other community. I am excited to take all that I have learned over the last ten years into my next chapter of school leadership with DCPS.

Finally, I look forward to finishing out the school year with Lafayette stronger than ever and supporting a smooth leadership transition. From the bottom of my heart, one of my greatest joys as an educator has been to be a part of your child’s educational journey. Thank you for your trust.

With gratitude,

Dr. B
Principal, Lafayette Elementary School