Ruby Bridges HSA Event

Do you want to do something proactive with your children for Black History Month?  Join the HSA in watching the movie Ruby Bridges with your family, and then (adults) please join us to discuss the film on Thursday, February 9!

To participate:

  • Watch the movie with your children in your own home or partner with friends to watch together either live or via an Amazon Watch Party. See below for info on how to stream the movie and suggested questions to facilitate discussion with your children. 
  • On February 9, let’s come together as parents/caregivers to discuss the experience of watching this movie with our children. The meet up will take place on Thursday, February 9 from 7:30-9 pm at a neighborhood home. Drinks and dessert will be available. All parents/caregivers are welcome, subject to space availability.

Please RSVP by Monday, February 6 using Sign Up Genius.  Please make Katherine aware of any access/accommodation needs.  The location information will be emailed to folks who RSVP. 

How to Watch Ruby Bridges (1998 version)

  1. Disney+ Ruby Bridges | Disney Movies
  2. Amazon Prime Video ($3.99 rental) Watch Ruby Bridges | Prime Video (
  3. You Tube ($3.99 rental) Ruby Bridges – YouTube
  4. DVD: available to borrow from Katherine Holloway or for purchase on Amazon

Scholarships are available for the rental fees to ensure all Lafayette families can watch the movie.  Please contact Katherine Holloway to arrange the rental if needed. 

Discussion Questions for Families

  1. Which of the characters did you like best/least? Why?
  2. What different emotions did you experience during this movie?
  3. How would you feel if you were Ruby?
  4. What questions are on your mind about this movie?
  5. What specific things do we do as a family already to ensure all children and parents feel the full sense of belonging in the Lafayette Elementary community?
  6. What is one additional thing we can do as a family to ensure everyone feels the full sense of belonging in the Lafayette Elementary community? You may reference this document from the HSA’s September 20, 2022 DEI Identity Training with tangible suggestions.


In 1960, when Ruby Bridges was only six years old, she became one of the first black children to integrate New Orleans’ all white public school system. Greeted by an angry mob and escorted by federal marshals, Ruby bravely crossed the threshold of this school and into history, single-handedly initiating the desegregation of New Orleans’ public schools.  Born in 1954, Ruby Bridges is alive today and remains a civil rights icon, activist, author and speaker. 

Source: Civil Rights Leader – Ruby Bridges