The HSA can’t do it without you. What you ask? Everything!
This year the HSA is experiencing a high level of turnover due to families graduating out of the school and others finishing their terms. There are a lot of open roles and without people stepping up to take them on, the HSA simply cannot do all of the community activities (movie night, walk, bike, and roll to school, the book fair) and fundraising (the bear fund, fall festival, and the auction) that make our school special. As a reminder the HSA contributes over $200,000 to the school’s annual budget allowing Dr. B to allocate more resources to high priority areas because the HSA has covered many administrative costs (think technology licenses, recess coaches, teacher supplies, classroom libraries, extra curricular activities, toilet paper, floor wax, etc.).
We are are still looking for candidates for the following elected board roles:
Vice President 1 (in charge of managing the budget)
Secretary (detail-oriented administrative support)
We are looking for volunteers to help with:
Movie Night
Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
Teacher Appreciation 
Community Programs Co-Chair
Lost and Found
Book Fair
A-Z Directory 
School Tours
Finance Committee Co-Chair