Want to Volunteer In School? Get Your Clearance Now! 

DCPS requires all volunteers and field trip chaperones (beyond one-time event volunteers such as Field Day or in-class book reading) to obtain a tuberculosis (TB) screening within the past 12 months, complete a clearance application, and have a fingerprint background check. So, if you plan on volunteering as a field trip chaperone, for example, you’ll need to get this required clearance. You can read more about the DCPS policy here.

We are recommending that all prospective volunteers get this done NOW in time for next year because that is how slowly the process is moving at DCPS. DCPS clearance records are valid for 2 years from the fingerprinting date so for all of you who did this pre-COVID, you will have to do so again.

Is this a pain? Yep. It’s a process that requires you to ask about exposure to tuberculosis within the past 12 months, complete a clearance application, and undergo fingerprinting. 

Why do we need to do this? Having volunteers with clearances keeps all of our kids safer. The more people with clearances guarantees parents and caregivers are eligible to volunteer for school activities.

I already have a top-secret federal security clearance. Do I still need to do this to volunteer? It’s a little bit easier, but you still need the TB test. Individuals in this group should complete the Federal Security Clearance Verification letter in lieu of being fingerprinted with DCPS. The original signed verification form, a copy of a state-issued photo ID, and TB verification should be emailed to .

Where and when can I get fingerprinted?  DCPS now outsources this. More information can be found when you go through the clearance process.

How will Lafayette know I am cleared to chaperone?  Once you receive your clearance letter from DCPS, you will bring a copy to the Main Office. Also, please email your letter to Ms. Mayhew  at .

Will Lafayette know if I didn’t pass my security clearance?  Nope! Lafayette has no access to who has or hasn’t done fingerprinting. The only way we know people have gone through the background check is if they bring their clearance letter to the main office.

What about COVID vaccinations? DCPS has not yet updated their guidance on this for volunteers so for now, it’s the background check, fingerprinting and TB test.

How long does the process take? Once you have completed your online application and fingerprinting, we don’t know as the operations process at DCPS is very slow. This is why we are recommending that you get this sorted NOW so that you can volunteer in the classroom.