Advocating on DCPS-Proposed Budget Cuts

Dear Lafayette community,

Your advocacy is urgently needed. For many schools across DCPS – including Lafayette – the Mayor’s proposed budget is woefully inadequate. It leaves schools without funds to cover their current staff and having to cut positions. 

Sign this petition to advocate for increasing school budgets! 

Costs have gone up, and this year’s budget does not cover those greater costs. The proposed DCPS budget therefore contains cuts — small increases in funding provided in the Mayor’s budget do not come close to covering the new required costs — for a majority of schools. If nothing is done, hundreds of DCPS’s best teachers will be laid off at a time when we need to be working to retain teachers and staff. 

For Lafayette, this could mean the loss of eight positions across all teams and at least three classroom teachers. You can read more about anticipated impacts at our school here

Sign this petition to advocate for increasing school budgets! 

Your advocacy now could help influence the budget process. Please sign the petition and share with other concerned parents/neighbors/citizens. We have an opportunity to change the trajectory of school funding, but we need everyone’s voice! Together we can help ensure a bright future for all DCPS students!

For more ways to advocate for sensible school budgets, see our Advocacy page.