Lafayette LSAT Recommendation on the DCPS Proposal to Either Reduce Pre-K Classrooms or Move the Pre-K Program to the Military Road School

Executive Summary (see link for entire letter):

While we appreciate DCPS’ efforts to address enrollment growth issues at Lafayette, the Local School Advisory Team must emphasize that the process of notification, community engagement, and information flow around the rollout of the proposal has been incredibly detrimental to our ability to engage productively on this issue.

The decision to move part of a school community out of one neighborhood boundary and into another is a major decision and requires commensurate community engagement. The rollout did not appear to factor this in, and thus became more contentious and engendered distrust amongst many as a result.

While the LSAT is not unanimous in our recommendation, we believe that under the current circumstances, with the information that we have, we should uphold our value of preserving quality public PreK options for students, and therefore recommend as a short-term solution the Military Road School option over eliminating PreK classrooms.

The LSAT believes strongly that if demand leaves seats unfilled at the Military Road site, solutions to this cannot exacerbate Lafayette’s over-enrollment.

The LSAT believes that it is critical for DCPS and the DC government to ask for LSAT and community input before a more permanent solution is identified and can move forward.

The LSAT has remaining questions from our engagement with DCPS despite recognizing the need for a recommendation. They are listed in Appendix A.

See link for a copy of the entire LSAT Recommendation Letter to DCPS.