Voting Begins next Tuesday for the HSA and LSAT Election

A community-wide vote will begin on Tuesday, May 28th. The vote will allow Lafayette parents/guardians to approve the HSA budget for the 2024-2025 school year and select the HSA-elected board representatives and the LSAT parent representatives. Polls close on Monday, June 3rd, at 7 pm. Results will be posted in the Tuesday Bulletin on June 4th

The HSA presents the following budget for the 2024-2025 school year. The budgeting process considered information gathered from the Lafayette community and the draft budget was presented to the public at the last HSA general meeting in April, where community members were welcomed to ask questions and make comments. The budget will be posted here for your review until June 3rd

We offer our gratitude to the generous volunteers who have stepped up to give their time and talents. 

Please read the below statements about each of our HSA and LSAT candidates:


Co-President: (2 positions available)

  • Biography of Luci Shanahan: I am Luci Shanahan, mom to a K and preschooler. I run retail and merchandising operations for a local non-profit and recently moved back to the DC area since having attended college here a while back. I look forward to engaging with this incredible community as co-president, and look forward to all the amazing ways we will make life at Lafayette the very best for our kids and families. 
  • Biography of Michele Modugno: My name is Michele and I have a second grader and K student at Lafayette. I manage a research group in a federal agency, and I am excited to give back to the Lafayette community as HSA Co-President.

Co-Treasurer: (1 position available)

  • Biography of Karrenthya Simmons: I am Karrenthya Simmons and I have a PK student. I am a compliance and risk manager in the financial services industry. I’m looking forward to continuing my support to the HSA and Lafayette community as co-treasurer. 

LSAT ELECTION CANDIDATES (4 positions available)

  • Biography of Farrah Buff: Hello Lafayette Community! Like so many others, our family was drawn to the neighborhood by the incredible community and schools. We have a son in first grade and another starting Kindergarten this fall, and I’d welcome the opportunity to contribute by representing the parent community on the LSAT. I currently lead External and Governmental Affairs for the federal agency that runs nutrition programs and spent 9 years before that managing budget and policy for federal early childhood education programs at the Office of Management and Budget. I hope to utilize my experience in education, budget, and stakeholder engagement to serve the LSAT and broader Lafayette community. As part of the LSAT, I’d like to explore creating systematic, regular opportunities for parents, teachers, and staff to share feedback and weigh in on important decisions affecting the school. With a new Principal starting, it’s even more important for the LSAT to ensure that the school community has a voice in strategic planning and priorities and to support school leadership.Thank you in advance for your consideration!
  • Biography of Sarah Cohen: Hi Lafayette Community! My name is Sarah Cohen and I am a parent to Ethan in Grade 2 and Ryan in Grade 1. We joined the Lafayette Community almost 2 years ago and have been thrilled with our experience so far. We love the school and the community and feel as though we won the lottery (literally and figuratively) since we currently live on the other side of Rock Creek Park, in Takoma, DC. My background is as an educator and mental health professional. I spent the last two decades working with children, initially as an elementary school classroom teacher and currently as a school administrator. I currently serve as a School Counselor to students ages 5 to 11 in Montgomery County, MD. I’ve been involved with Peace of Mind through Cheryl Dodwel and Linda Ryden and have worked closely with this organization while also piloting the Peace of Mind curriculum at my school this year, too. Since our children began attending Lafayette two years ago, I’ve consistently volunteered to chaperone field trips, engage in school-wide initiatives, and help with various class projects. Some of you may know me as the person who oversees the Lafayette Lost and Found. It’s been a rewarding position and I love when I’m able to get lost items back to their rightful owners. I’m always looking for more ways to be involved at Lafayette and I believe that joining the LSAT will allow me to leverage my skills, expertise, and background in order to help improve the school in areas like logistics, climate and operations. I have a deep understanding of the inner workings of schools, and I believe that when administrators, leaders, and staff are happy and supported, students are able to truly thrive. I am also passionate about ensuring a smooth transition from our current administrator to the next, and I want to take my involvement in the Lafayette Community to the next level. Finally, I believe that as someone who does not live within the community, I can bring a unique perspective to the table and ensure everyone’s voices are being heard equitably and that various perspectives are being represented on the LSAT.
  • Biography of Rossana Mahvi: I am honored to nominate myself for a position on the Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) as a parent representative for Lafayette Elementary School. As a proud resident of Washington, DC, and a former student of Lafayette, I have a deep connection to the school and a vested interest in its success. Currently, I am the parent of two Lafayette students, a rising third grader and a rising kindergartner. My professional background includes significant experience in education leadership in the DC area. As a former DC school leader, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing our education system. Having served on the State Superintendent’s Principal Advisory Council to Dr. Christina Grant, I understand the importance of collaborative decision-making and constructive dialogue in shaping educational policies and practices at a broader level. In my role overseeing special education for a DC charter network, I developed a passion for advocating for inclusive and supportive learning environments for all students. Additionally, my experience in working with schools to develop strategic plans has equipped me with the skills to contribute meaningfully to the Comprehensive School Plan (CSP) discussions. I take pride in my ability to coach and develop educators, including assistant teachers, general education teachers, and special education teachers. I believe that strong leadership and collaboration are key to fostering a positive school environment that nurtures academic growth and student well-being. If given the opportunity to serve on the LSAT, I am committed to providing valuable insights and perspectives to support the School Principal in making informed decisions regarding school priorities and budgetary matters. Thank you for considering my nomination.
  • Biography of Will Singer: I’d like to be considered as a parent representative on Lafayette’s LSAT. I am the parent of a current 4th grader and, for what it’s worth, I attended Lafayette from Pre-K through 6th grade (class of 1993). I am very familiar with District government budgeting, having worked as the budget director to a former DC mayor, as legislative staff for members of the DC Council, and currently as a financial auditor at an independent District agency. Last year while working for Councilmember Janeese Lewis George, I wrote a budget amendment that has already stopped millions of dollars from leaking out of the DCPS budget at the end of the fiscal year. More importantly, I appreciate the role of the LSAT in sharing information with the school community and seeking its input, particularly as we welcome a new principal to Lafayette. I would welcome the opportunity to apply my personal experiences and District-specific knowledge to help Lafayette. Thank you for considering my nomination.
  • Biography of Kevin Walsh: Hello! I’m Kevin Walsh, father to a second grader (Isla Walsh) and kindergartener (Aoife Walsh) at Lafayette. After serving as a parent representative on the LSAT over the past 2 years I am seeking your vote to serve on the LSAT again. I would like to continue bringing a community based approach to the guidance provided to Lafayette Elementary’s administration. During my time at Lafayette I have volunteered with the Lafayette Auction, served as a room parent for my first graders classroom, served as a parent representative on the LSAT and helped with events that brought together kids, families and educators in the classroom.Since 2006 I have worked in banking focusing on operational risk, compliance and governance. I believe my experience, skills and sense of community will help guide Lafayette as a LSAT member.