Thank you Paraprofessionals in Special Ed, Pre-K, and K!

Wednesday, April 5th is Paraprofessionals Day. We celebrate our amazing suite of special education professionals, and our Pre-K and Kindergarten aides. Lafayette’s Pre-K and Kindergarten classes include so much love and development for our children. And Lafayette is well-known for its strong commitment to and support for special education. If you see one of these teachers, send them a note and tell them thank you for their dedication to the Lafayette community! Lafayette teacher and staff directory


  • Janet Carr
  • Lynda Henderson
  • Jerret Wright


  • Andi Ding-Chong
  • Carmen Stewart
  • Marquita McBride
  • Fatoumata Goodwin
  • Nardlynn Gabbidon
  • Diyali McLane

Special Education

  • Ben Lookner
  • Ashley Swartz
  • Holly Nantais
  • Rebecca French
  • Erin Scott
  • Kiyairi Rush
  • Inga Hurley
  • Tiana Stewart
  • Kate Okoya
  • Simon Vilmon
  • Lashaun Crymes
  • Latasha Verdiner
  • Delores Rucker
  • Margaret Kovach