Community Call To Action: The HSA Needs A New Co-President

The HSA Board needs your help. One of this year’s HSA Co-Presidents has stepped down and we need to fill this position as soon as possible to avoid reducing HSA’s programs, funding and activities. We also will need a second co-president to step in for next year and will be advertising open HSA board and event/program co-chair positions this spring. 

We recognize that everyone is busy and there are a million reasons not to step up, but If we don’t have strong HSA leadership then we won’t be able to host HSA events and more importantly we won’t raise the funding we need to support our school. We would encourage you to look at our budget and see what is at stake. 

Our teachers and staff make Lafayette the special school that it is, but HSA fundraising efforts provide critical support to arts, science, clubs, classroom supplies, library, scholarships and more. Did you know the HSA is providing funding for a new Special Olympics team or that HSA pays for the recess coaches and half the peace teacher salary? 

We have an incredibly strong group of parent volunteers and generous donors who allow Lafayette to flourish, but we need more hands to join the team. We are all extremely privileged to have our kids at Lafayette, so let’s work together to continue to make it the amazing place that it is. 

Also, we’d like to give a special thank you to all of the volunteers who already took leadership roles this year! Our recent book fair and Bear Fund were both huge successes thanks to Karmia Lewis, Shannon Wulf Tregar, Michael Alderfer, Liliane Antunes, Mark Schofield, Vanessa Scott, Jess Lettween, Nicole Majestic and many other volunteers and committee members. 

Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator at  to discuss how you can help as co-president or in another role.