Lafayette PEACE Program and the Bear Fund

Have you asked your child about their AMY recently? What about their PFC? You might be surprised to learn how much your child knows about their brain and the various ways it is responsible for their emotions and behavior! This knowledge is thanks to a weekly Peace class led by Mr. Goldman and funded by families like yours through the BEAR FUND. 

Please GIVE TO THE BEAR FUND today to sustain this important program!

More than just breathing techniques, weekly Peace class teaches brain science and self-awareness so that what is learned in the classroom transfers to the outside world. Watch this video to get to know Mr. Goldman, the Peace classroom, and a little bit of the curriculum that you help fund!

Pioneered at Lafayette by former teacher Linda Ryden and funded solely by families like yours, the Peace of Mind Project began in 2003 as a conflict resolution class for Lafayette students who were getting into fights on the playground. The results were so positive that the program was piloted at other schools and then grew into a full-fledged nonprofit whose curriculum is now taught by teachers, counselors, social workers and other dedicated educators in 40 states and even other countries. That this kind of work originated at a public school continues to amaze people! While Ms. Ryden retired last year to dedicate herself fulltime to the Peace of Mind Project, we are so lucky to have Mr. Goldman continue this important program for Lafayette’s students! 

The Peace Program is evidence that together we can achieve incredible things for our students. Please GIVE TO THE BEAR FUND today! 

Through your generosity, the HSA will not only be able to help maintain Lafayette’s unique programs, but support the initiatives of other dedicated Lafayette educators who aspire to expand our arts and extra-curriculars programs to include more immersive and equitable offerings – Special Olympics, Gardening Club, Environmental Sciences Club, expanded opportunities for Band and other existing extracurriculars, and immersive field trips for hands-on learning. Please JOIN US in supporting these exciting new initiatives!

Your support helps ensure a holistic education full of meaningful experiences for all Lafayette Students – Thank you!